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As one of the state of Colorado’s fastest growing electrical contractors, Bear Electric delivers seamless, comprehensive services to clients, including pre-construction, engineering, and project management. We are dedicated to maintaining a stringent safety environment on each and every project.

It’s our daily commitment to build the Bear Electric tradition of providing proactive, collaborative approaches to delivering technical, cost-effective and schedule-driven solutions. We fulfill our customers’ needs and support their overall success.

Our attention to detail, strong orginazitional skills, and flexibility on a job give you the edge over your competitors on every bid.

With experienced, educated and professional technicians capable of providing all of your electrical needs. Bear sets the standard.

Bear's team can help you design, bid and implement the best plan to make your job easier and come in on time and on budget


"I have worked with Mark and the team at Bear for the last 7 years and their high standards and unrelenting attention to detail has made me better at my business."


Jason Bolton


Arvada CO


"BEAR Electric has always been honest, reliable, and a great partner throughout the construction process."

Joel Bowers

HIVE Construction

Denver CO

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